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We would like to invite you to teach a course at LaunchHouse. As part of our how-to series, we are inviting experts to teach practical classes to entrepreneurs. Subjects can be on any topic that provides immediate and pragmatic help to someone building a business.The goal for each course should be that the participants are able to do something that they couldn’t at the beginning of the course. LaunchHouse wants to provide affordable business education that’s more in-depth than typical one-hour events and more affordable than a MBA.

Some course ideas already pitched include:

  • How to write copy for your website
  • How to use Adobe Photoshop
  • How to launch your dream with vision, mission, and purpose
  • How to apply design thinking to your business
  • How to build presentation skills
  • How to design and prototype an object with 3D printing

For teachers of the course, here are some FAQs:

1. Will teachers get paid?

Yes, teachers can set the amount for their course and we will split ticket proceeds for the course 75% (teacher)/25% (LaunchHouse) after credit card processing fees. If a teacher offers a service or product, you can make a quick pitch for it as long as their course isn’t an infomercial.

2. How much are teachers charging?

Right now, the average is around $20-$25 per participant per hour of the course. For example, a two-hour course may cost $50 whereas a 60-minute may cost $25. If you have a materials cost for the course, that can be added on as a separate charge to the ticket price.

3. How long are the courses?

Our goal is to keep the courses between 90 minutes and 2 hours. We want them to be longer and more in-depth than a typical Lunch and Learn at LaunchHouse. Rare exceptions to the time limits can be made if you need to go over or under the allotted time. Courses are meant to be done in one session. You may however, plan a series of courses as long as each one can stand alone.

4. How will promotion for the course work?

LaunchHouse will help you promote your course. Our email list contains over 9,000 members and our social media accounts have similar followings when totaled together. LaunchHouse will provide a web page for the course, the presenter, along with taking care of online tickets. We will also help design social media posts and other marketing materials to help you promote your course. We also expect that you will promote your course to your network as well.

5. Where will the courses be held?

To start, we will host them at our Highland Heights location but once Lakewood and other subsequent locations open up, we can host them there.

6. What is available to me as a presenter?

We have a large conference room that can hold up to 50 people. It contains a digital TV with excellent speakers. LaunchHouse also has a smaller conference room for classes that might be lower in number but with the same A/V capabilities.

7. When are the courses held?

It’s up to the presenter to choose a time. The most popular times are in the afternoons and evenings. We will work together to find a time that works for LaunchHouse, the presenter, and the target group of participants.

8. How will you ensure quality courses for the participants?

After each course, participants will fill out a survey based on questions regarding the course’s quality and the instructor’s preparation and effectiveness. Based on those results we will choose whether or not to invite an instructor back to teach the same course or the next one in a sequence

9. When do you expect to tell everyone about the full set of courses and who is teaching them?

We will roll the first few out over the next few weeks and once we have a critical mass of courses and presenters we will announce the full line up. Our goal is to continually add to the offerings and re-offer our most popular courses throughout the year.

10. What is the next step?

Fill out the Google form below to apply. If we feel that you are a fit for the course, we’ll send over the next set of materials to get started.

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