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What is Coworking?

We define it as a movement where people come together work, to network, and to learn from each other. LaunchHouse provides open work areas, shared office space, and closed private offices where people work each day. Our coworking space and hours are flexible, which creates an environment where people are always building their dream. But we are more than a work space for rent as people come to our community for education and making connections with each other. With locations on the east and west side, answering the question of “Do you have shared offices near me?” will always be “Yes.”


We offer membership opportunities for entrepreneurs at every stage ranging from a day pass to flexible workspace and various sized personal offices.

Join us at any of our locations

East Side: 675 Alpha Park, Drive 21, Highland Heights, OH 44143

West Side: 16017 Detroit Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Chamber of Commerce, Lakewood, Ohio 44107

Oberlin Coworking: CoWork Oberlin: Powered by LaunchHouse: 235 Artino Street, Oberlin, OH 44074 Go to for more information!

Check out all of our membership options here.



Schedule a tour by clicking on the location below:

Highland Heights
CoWork Oberlin: Powered by LaunchHouse

FAQs about the LaunchHouse coworking community:

What are the membership options for your shared office space?

We have a full range starting at a business mailbox, different levels of coworking (open-office) access, and private offices.

Check out all of our membership options here.

Are your memberships for entrepreneurs only?

No, our memberships are open to entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, solopreneurs, designers, consultants, and anyone who doesn’t fit into a neat corporate box. Check out our blog for our members’ stories.

Do you have shared offices near me?

Whether you are looking for shared office space on the east side or west sides of Cleveland, we can help you out.

Our coworking space flagship location is on the east side, Ohio at 675 Alpha Drive, Suite G, Highland Heights, OH 44143

Our newest coworking space location is on the west side, 16017 Detroit Avenue, 2nd Floor of the Lakewood Chamber of Commerce, Lakewood, OH 44107.

Renting office space small business: Are there private office spaces for rent?

Highland Heights–yes; go here for more information

Lakewood–yes! We have a small, medium, and large office, available.

Is there free parking?

At both Highland Heights and Lakewood–yes.

For Highland Heights, the entire parking lot is free.

For Lakewood, you can park right behind the building and on the residential street leading up to the space.

Are you dog friendly?

Yes! We were rated as one of the top 50 pet-friendly coworking spaces in the country!

You can register your dog by contacting:  and requesting the paperwork

Note: This is only for Highland Heights right now until we move into our new Lakewood location.

 What do I do if I need office space for the day?

If you cannot commit to a long term membership have no worries, You can purchase one of our Day Passes at just $15 a day, or 5 day passes for $50. This allows you all the perks of a flex membership at a day to day ( or up to 5 day) commitment!

I need a mailbox for business, but I can’t commit to a flex membership, what are my options?

You can purchase one of our Mailbox memberships, this allows you the utilization of a business mailbox without the commitment of a flex membership. Mailbox not just for flex. Go here for more information on the Business Mailbox Membership.

Do you take walk in tours?

Yes, even if you don’t schedule a tour and you find yourself in the area of one of our locations, stop by and let one of our members show you around!

Can I bring my kids?

Sure. We understand that many entrepreneurs are raising a family and running a business at the same. Your kids are definitely welcome here, but please be know that we are like any other workplace and our members must be able to focus on getting their work done each day.

If I’m a member, can I bring in guests?

Sure. Please bring people by for tours or for client meetings.

What forms of payment do you accept?

Credit cards and bank transfers (ACH) are the preferred modes of payment but if you need to set up something unique through your company we can accommodate your request. We take care of most payments through automatic charges with our coworking software provided by Office R&D.

Are there any hidden fees?

Nope. Each level of membership clearly states what is included and what is not. We aren’t like other spaces that will hide fees and then nickel and dime members for them. Instead, we are up front about what each level of membership provides.

Is the coffee free?

Yes! We offer unlimited free coffee for ALL members of the LaunchHouse community.

Are the snacks free?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of FREE snacks for our members.

Do you have whiteboards?

Yes, you can find various whiteboards around our coworking space. Even our tables are specifically designed to not only serve as desk space but whiteboards as well! If you have a thought you need to jot down quickly, just grab a marker and write away! It will wipe away just like a regular whiteboard.

Is there an industry focus for the types of companies at LaunchHouse?

While some coworking facilities aim their target towards specific industries such as the tech industry, LaunchHouse prides itself in its diverse range of company types within the community. We aim to be all inclusive of members who join our co-op workspace. From food based companies, to retail, we have all types of expertise within our cleveland based office space.

What are the hours of operation?

We run off the typical 9-5 work days, but with our Flex membership you are granted 24/7 access to either our East or West side LaunchHouse locations.

Are you open on weekends?

Yes, you can access both locations on the weekends. When you join, we’ll give you instructions on how to access each space during weekends and after hours.

Are you open on holidays?

Typically, yes. However, our LaunchHouse staff members are often not on duty during that time so most questions and issues are addressed the next business day following any well-observed holiday.

What can lead to termination?

Non-payment of your membership and violation of our community norms can lead to termination. It’s rare but we want to be up front with anyone wishing to join.

What do I have to do to use a conference room?

As long as you are a member, you can sign up online (via Office R&D) or by signing up on the sheet posted outside of each door.

What kind of coffee do you have?

We have a Keurig and strive to use the cups with the least amount of plastic.

Do you offer vegetarian / vegan food options?

Yes, but these aren’t guaranteed. We have a variety of snacks each week and it’s up to each member to decide if the snacks fit their regimen.

Is there a dress code?

Not really. You do have to wear something but everyone is pretty casual.

How fast is the WIFI?

We have Spectrum High Speed for business. We just upgraded it and it’s been working well. As we get more users, we will upgrade the internet as necessary.

Do you invest in companies?

Not any longer. Our community is connected to people that invest and we can put you in touch but right now LH doesn’t make direct investments in companies. It gets too messy.

Do you provide mentoring to companies or individual entrepreneurs?

Each day, our members are open to help each other out through informal mentoring. We don’t have a set method of mentoring like you might find at JumpStart.

Schedule a tour by clicking on the location below:

Highland Heights
CoWork Oberlin: Powered by LaunchHouse

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